Unbox personal reward
Does Laura’s story sound familiar? Current and future employees want their interests and needs to
be heard. We help you empower your employees to make their own choices on how they want to be
rewarded. They will value personal reward all the more, if it is genuinely flexible. Our benefits are
accessible 24/7 and budgets can be saved over more than one year.


Unbox strategic reward
We make sure your reward approach supports your business strategy. Clear communication in
combination with a smart design allows you to nudge your employees’ reward behaviour into the
direction of your strategy.


Unbox sustainable reward
Unbox helps your company highlight the sustainable choices that you want to promote, like green
mobility or other measures that support sustainability and employability.


Unbox integrated reward platform
The Unbox reward platform is intuitive and inviting to use. It allows continuous shopping, 24/7,
which is a huge plus for employee experience and hassle-free for HR. The platform has a proven
record of flawless launches. It integrates both payroll and benefit providers for seamless
straight-through-processing. The platform also manages business logic: these are the policies, the
groupings, the calculation rules, the eligibilities, so you don’t need additional development in your
company systems (be it ERP or SaaS).

“A great concept in terms of innovation and flexibility. A dynamic team driven to provide solutions to our specific needs. And a modern platform that is easy to use for our employees. This is how the collaboration with Unbox allowed us to turn our Flexible Reward Plan into a success!” - Nadine Wellens, AG Insurance