Recruitment & Selection

Unbox co-sourcing
We offer solutions and advice to improve your Recruitment & Selection practice. Our Recruitment
and Selection team works closely with clients to co-source their recruitment and selection process,
fully exploiting the strengths of each party. By combining the best service providers with our client,
we help design the most efficient process. We handle your company’s influx of applications and find the appropriate recruitment partners for applications that stay vacant. Favouring a real partnership by co-sourcing rather than outsourcing, we ensure an effective and end-to-end recruitment and selection process.


Unbox as a broker
For hard-to-fill vacancies, we find the appropriate recruitment partner thanks to thorough knowledge
of employment markets and the recruitment and selection process. By optimising your recruitment
process, we make sure your company has the necessary time and means to focus on the onboarding
experience and the guidance of employees, which are true levers for employee engagement. This
would have made Mo’s recruitment process a lot easier.


Unbox candidate experience
We maximise the employee experience right from the start. By using innovating techniques, we make sure the recruitment process is smooth and adds to the candidate experience. We pride ourselves in
systematically finding the best match between the needs of your organisation and the talents of the
candidates we manage.

“BNP Paribas Fortis works with Unbox for the recruitment of external staff. We have built up a true partnership with Unbox to ensure an end-to-end recruitment and selection process. In doing so, Unbox is very constructive and seeks to continuously improve the services. They are very focussed on the client needs: analyse the situation of the company, its position on the job market, and propose appropriate recruitment solutions.” - Ann De Permentier, BNP Paribas Fortis