Learning & Development

Unbox as a learning architect
Our Learning and Development team analyses your staff’s learning needs and co-designs
custom-made learning opportunities. We draw from our vast ecosystem of coaches, trainers, content providers and e-solutions. We co-determine catalogues and learning strategies and manage the
implementation: from communication and change management to actual delivery and follow-up. We make sure your learning strategy follows your business strategy. Whether it’s about strengthening employability – like in Oscar’s case – or about sharpening communication and problem-solving skills, advancing your staffs careers or fostering leadership, Unbox supports you.


Unbox as a broker
We encourage lifelong learning by creating the right mindset and stimulating an engaging work
environment. To accommodate your organisation, we match highly qualified trainers and coaches, all
of whom have the right expertise and experience to address your needs.


Unbox New Ways of Working
At Unbox, we understand that workplace transformation begins with a shifting mindset in the
organisation, stimulating new team behaviour training and encouraging the individual employee.
Our proposition covers the whole value chain: from building a vision and a guiding coalition, and
implementing solutions for teams, to workshops and individual ambassadorship of knowledge We
help teams and individuals perform better in changing environments, with new tools and new ways
of working. We support organisations in development challenges like activity-based working,
developing a digital mindset, managing teams from a distance and team agreements.


Unbox for Teams
Unbox for teams is our platform that allows teams to design their own development solutions. Its
content responds to the different challenges teams might face, for example: new members, trust
issues, conflicts, distance, new projects or role ambiguity. Different needs demand flexible solutions.
Unbox for teams caters social and classroom training, self-study, do-it-yourself-workshops and so on.
Our solutions include feedback by design through Elbie, our chatbot, to guide anyone to the right
solution for their needs and to follow-up on their learning progress.