Scoop Delhaize launches Healthy UCoins in partnership with Unbox : a pilot to create extra buying power and stimulate better eating

Test with 11 000 employees of 11 companies; Ambition to roll out to all delhaize employees and any other company signing up.

After the launch of Nutriscore last year, delhaize takes another step of integrating Nutriscore in customerslives by rewarding them for balanced choices and increasing buying power. With the launch of “Healthy UCoins”, Delhaize further deepens its healthy eating mission and partners with Unbox with the ambition to embed this in the Belgian parafiscal framework Last year Delhaize launched the NutriScore food label and is now taking this a step further by being the first company in Europe to increase considerably the purchasing power responding to more balanced lifestyle needs. The pilot project will cover a total of 11,000 employees of Delhaize and of other organisations and will run for 3 months. During the pilot the participants will receive 20% discount on all products with Nutriscore A&B on top of all other commercial actions. With this pilot Delhaize wants to motivate people to live healthier by increasing their purchasing power to buy in a more balanced way. The ambition is to be able to offer this system to other companies and organisations as well.

Now, more than ever, people value a healthier lifestyle by exercising more and eating more healthily. Customers expect retailers to support them in their efforts. Today, Delhaize is launching a revolutionary project that can give its employees of participating companies a financial incentive to choose products with a NutriScore A or B. Delhaize was the first retailer in Belgium in 2018 to launch this nutritional information logo, which categorises products from (A) product to promote in a balanced diet to (B) product to consume in a more limited way. There are currently more than 1,000 private brand products that already show the NutriScore on their packaging, all of Delhaize’s products’ and national brand product scores are available through the Delhaize app. The launch of this project is therefore a way to further integrate NutriScore into our activities.

How does it work?

Within this pilot, participants will receive 20% discount on top of all other commercial actions when choosing NutriScore A or B products, including fresh! This will be tested by 1.000 associates of Delhaize and 10.000 associates of partnering companies that believe better eating is at the heart of better living. Large organisations such as USG People, SD Worx, Brussels Airlines, BNP Paribas Fortis, AG Insurance, Eneco, Canon, Telenet and De Persgroep have already signed up for the test. For Delhaize the benefits of this project are twofold: Delhaize has shifted up a gear in terms of integrating NutriScore into its customers’ daily lives and the retailer increases its staff’s purchasing power and at the same time promotes a more balanced diet for its staff & their family. Delhaize and Unbox aim to inspire the authorities to follow the lead and embed this into the parafiscal framework. This initiative fits Delhaize’s commercial strategy perfectly. With “On the side of life” Delhaize wants to make people’s lives easier. Extensive customer research has shown that healthy living and eating are becoming increasingly more important. It is Delhaize’s purpose to inform and support people in making healthy choices and to make these choices affordable for as many people as possible. Delhaize, the pioneer in launching the NutriScore in Belgium, now proves that it wants the NutriScore to be more than a label. They take a stand in driving and incentivising healthy & positive behaviour.

Greater ambition

Naturally the ambition of Delhaize goes much further. The aim is to roll out this project to own staff and staff at other companies using the Unboxtechnology.
That way, Delhaize can make NutriScore the signpost everyone uses on their path towards a more healthy & balanced diet.
The pilot will be evaluated after three months. If successful Delhaize will study the possibility to integrate this process in its existing ucoinsplatform, powered by Unbox.

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Press release 29 april 2019