What we do?

Unbox wants to revolutionise the way organisations and employees work together. By combining an in-depth expertise of all aspects and stages of employer and employee experiences and relations, Unbox helps your organisation unlock the true potential of your employees. We guide you through the necessary steps of this transformation from strategy to implementation.


The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence ― It is to act with yesterday’s logic.


(Peter Drucker)


What we strive for

Unbox wants to unbox work to unlock life.

Unbox work

We are used to working in rigid structures. Our ways of remuneration, of connecting employers and employees, of making people evolve throughout their careers, …  All of them are structured in a fashion which is familiar, but which we no longer embrace and experience as overly deterministic. We want to unbox these ways of working. for you and create the possibility for employers and employees to work together in finding an employment experience that fits everyone’s individual needs.

Unlock life

As we change the way we work, we also want to change the way we live. People want to grow, contribute, belong, have autonomy and feel competent in their career. They want to feel a sense of purpose. Unbox wants to facilitate this and provide employers and employees alike with the means to develop individually and grow to their fullest potential in their career as well as their personal life.

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