The Story

Unbox vision

The world of employment is changing rapidly. Technological and demographic shifts, globalisation and the pursuit of happiness and well-being influence the workforce & the labour market profoundly.

When organisations do not sufficiently heed these changes, they and their employees forego certain opportunities, such as autonomy, personal growth … leading to people not reaching their potential and talent going to waste. This is a problem to which existing structures and paradigms are unable to formulate an answer.

At Unbox, we want to revolutionise the way people are hired and allowed to develop and the way work is organised and rewarded. In doing so, we aim at having a real impact on the well-being of the people we come into contact with and eventually contributing to society as a whole.

Unbox mission

Unbox is dedicated to developing flexible new solutions to achieve a natural balance in the labour eco-system and to closing the gap between prosperity and well-being.

Unbox endeavours to transform the current structures of employment by giving autonomy, flexibility and choice to employers and employees, bringing them closer together. We want to give people perspective and a sense of belonging. And through all that, Unbox wants to create more overall wealth and well-being. Creating an eco-system where solutions for any group automatically further solutions for the rest.


  1. Freedom is a basic human right
  2. Everyone is equal
  3. Everybody has the right to work
  4. The right idea needs the right guidance
  5. People must be encouraged to get out of their comfort zone
  6. Diversity and individuality demand the utmost attention, understanding and respect
  7. Above or below is not relevant: hierarchy creates inequality
  8. Everybody has freedom of choice of work
  9. The world is our backyard; everybody should explore it
  10. Culture is an inevitable and necessary extension/broadening of your mind
  11. Freedom of speech is based on openness and honesty
  12. Each individual is different, and has different priorities in life
  13. Freedom of taking up responsibilities leads to greater happiness
  14. Freedom is a state of mind
  15. ‘Werkbaar Werk’ is unworkable
  16. Everybody has the right to be who they want to be without judgment


  1. Social interaction is a basic human necessity and right
  2. Upside down is the way to go
  3. Wellbeing is more important than welfare
  4. New technologies can do what we do not want to do
  5. We can create time: by increasing its quality
  6. Work hard, play hard
  7. When everyone is equal, machismo is out of the door
  8. Spare time and leisure are a basic right
  9. Growth in fun, leads to growth in efficiency
  10. Fun is always around the corner and makeable
  11. Working suprisingly well, with a surprising way of working
  12. Crazy and genius are two related concepts
  13. We are part of life: we are everywhere, whenever your life needs us
  14. Fast is fun: responsiveness makes life easier
  15. Our society got entangled in a twisted time expenditure


  1. Personal growth and development is a human right
  2. Transformation is a necessity, to prevent from regressing
  3. Don’t look at who people are; look at who they can become
  4. Everybody can make the future feasible: if you can dream it, you can do it!
  5. ‘Value’ is personal, but can be turned from subjective to objective
  6. Personal growth is everyone’s own choice and responsibility
  7. To stand still, is to backslide: take every opportunity to go further
  8. Conceive, believe and achieve!
  9. You first need to establish your ‘who’, then your ‘what’
  10. Content plus relationship equals efficiency
  11. There’s no room for ‘what if’, only for ‘when’
  12. Continuous improvement is an attitude
  13. We are responsible for the world of the next generation
  14. Technology is a necessity for (self-)improvement
  15. Rejection stands for redirection towards your goal
  16. Focus on the 99% (not on the 1%)
  17. Reduce income inequality
  18. Let’s make the inconvenient truth convenient again


  1. Privacy is a basic human right
  2. Profit is a consequence of social relevance, and an instrument for relevance
  3. No rights without duties
  4. More acting, less words: it’s not what you say, it’s what you do
  5. The corporate’s responsibility is everybody’s responsibility
  6. Added value is the ‘demanded effect’ of remuneration
  7. No faith without integrity and transparency
  8. What goes around, comes around: treat people like you want to be treated
  9. Intelligence involves responsibility
  10. A team is as strong as its weakest link, but together we stand tall
  11. Respect your co-workers
  12. We are the community-union of tomorrow
  13. Community-oriented equals quality-oriented
  14. Being trustworthy in making a difference