Unbox strongly believes in bringing together an organisation’s objectives and the well-being of its people. By creatively using various HR levers in your organisation, Unbox can help you achieve a better balance, resulting in increased loyalty, productivity and operational excellence. Unbox supports you from strategic reflection to actual implementation.

Our services cover:

Sustainable reward

Rewarding people has stopped being a zero-sum game. As work and careers have changed profoundly in recent years, our solutions need to differ dramatically from everything we see today. That translates into far-reaching individualisation for employees, long-awaited flexibility for employers, and a common interest in making work work.

Learning and development

In an L&D world where one-size-fits-all and learning impact is a black box, Unbox resolutely pursues personalisation and impact. Our highly modular approach allows both individuals and teams to build adaptive learning journeys that suit them from a content perspective, keeps them going in terms of motivation and measures success from a continuous improvement perspective.


From your strategy to integrated workforce planning, including alternative ways of deploying people, gearing your employer brand and originating innovation in your sourcing practices. We apply our deep understanding of the labour market and our network of innovative partners to help you face your short- and long-term challenges.

Contingent workforce management

‘Contingent workforce management’ addresses the flexible employees who are becoming an integral part of the workforce. Unbox manages your independent contractors end-to-end.

Change & transformation

Unbox helps you manage your transformation. Workforces, workplaces, the work we do and the organisations we do it for are undergoing an unprecedented revolution. Unbox brings together the finest people to support you in your transformation efforts. Be it strategic analysis or delivery to the floor, we cover it all.

These services are unified by a common belief that our society has the potential to do better when it comes to combining work and life, supply and demand; that if we work together we will be able to create more common wealth and well-being. We believe we can help transform the way we look at work, organise work, reward work, and develop people at work.