Talent acquisition & Unbox

At Unbox, we look at talent from a whole new angle: from your strategy to integrated workforce planning, including alternative ways of deploying people, gearing your employer brand and originating innovation in your sourcing practice.

Talent acquisition Unboxed

Today’s operating model in talent acquisition is shifting. Organisations only reluctantly consider outsourcing, because they are sceptical that RPO partners can deliver quality in a variety of domains AND improve operational effectiveness AND uphold customer intimacy. Unbox introduces the talent acquisition eco-system, which works by relying on the best niche players in sourcing and selection.

Unbox way of working

Unbox will act as your sole accountable partner for recruitment operations, allowing you to focus on your core business. Unbox draws from an eco-system of experts in sourcing, selection and assessment, giving you access to market innovation, scale benefits and operational excellence whilst guaranteeing both proximity to your organisation and a candidate experience that is entirely in step with your brand.