Competence growth & Unbox

An explicit sourcing strategy, along with solid employer branding, talent acquisition and contingent workforce management, ensures that your company can draw from the best and the brightest. Once the right people are on board, how will they make your organisation thrive?

Competence growth Unboxed

No growth path is alike. No two people are the same; development needs are diverse, learning styles vary and motivation differs. Moreover, people work in teams, hierarchically, temporarily, virtually, on projects … Today’s reality will become even more complex as new generations arrive at the workplace and revolutionise the way competences are grown, on the office floor and beyond.

Unbox way of working

Unbox grows individual competences holistically by individualising training: just in time, just enough, just for you, drawing from insights from social learning, micro (habit) learning … with solutions that have proven impact. We do it through our accessible platform, so that you and your people can browse, discover and learn.