Unbox vision

The world of work is changing rapidly. Technological and demographic shifts, globalisation and the pursuit of happiness and well-being influence the workforce & the labour market profoundly.


Confronted with a lack of balance miss out on opportunities: choices, autonomy, purpose, balance, talent, growth,…


Existing structures and paradigms are unable to formulate an answer to this.


At Unbox, we want to rethink the way people are hired and developed, the way work is organised and rewarded. By doing this, we aim at having a real impact on the well-being of the people we come into contact with and eventually contribute to society as a whole.

Unbox mission

Unbox is dedicated to developing new flexible solutions to restore a natural balance in the labour ecosystem.


Unbox endeavours to revolutionise work by giving autonomy, flexibility and choice to employers and employees. Bringing them closer together. We want to give people perspective and a sense of belonging. And through all that, Unbox wants to create more common wealth and well-being. Creating an ecosystem where solutions for any group, automatically accelerates solutions for all others.

Unbox services

Unbox is continuously developing.


Our launching services consist of ‘Recruitment and selection’ services and ‘Learning and development’ services, including the opportunities presented to all of us through new  ways of working.


Going forward, additional services will complement our offer. They will support our aspiration of having a holistic view on work, the how it is organised and the way it is drastically changing.


Together we unbox work, we unleash talent, we unlock life.

More info to be announced soon.

Keep an eye on our website and be the first to discover our future plans.

Contact Unbox: Roeland Van Dessel   +32 495 59 55 13